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AnteAGE is a unique, high-end skincare brand led by renowned researchers, scientists and physicians who are the best in their field. The team is regularly published in scientific journals, awarded for groundbreaking results, and sought for expertise by Fortune 100 healthcare companies. Their revolutionary stem-cell skincare products are primarily sold by medical professionals and estheticians, while they offer a separate line of products available directly to consumers via their e-commerce site.

challenges & approach:

The internal mantra for our engagement with AnteAGE from day one has been, "From stone age to space age." Since AnteAGE has been experiencing consistent, rapid growth over the last few years, we recognized how important it would be to build them a solution that would scale with their business, rather than holding them back.

One of our key challenges from the onset was that while AnteAGE does make a handful of their products available directly to the consumer, the key goal of their website was to support their wholesale business– while simultaneously empowering consumers to learn more about their entire product line and purchase a limited selection of products directly on the site. As a result, we focussed on building their site with a robust wholesale functionality that included tiered pricing and product availability based on customer type. In addition, we included a wholesale portal that offers retailer support with marketing collateral and additional resources with equal functionality across mobile and desktop.

Finally, AnteAGE also was looking to streamline their backend order entry process, and create a centralized hub for their entire business. As a result, we recommended a transition from WooCommerce to Shopify, so that we could leverage a full suite of backend apps that would allow their business to scale with ease and efficiency.


migration to Shopify e-commerce platform

wholesale portal enabling tiered pricing & product availability


After cycling through multiple vendors in attempt to complete the migration over the course of around six months, we were able to deploy AnteAGE's Shopify build in less then one month from start to finish. While we believe that no website is ever complete, we were able to exceed the functionality of their previous site, while also building a foundation that can effectively scale with the business and allow AnteAGE to make updates on the fly.

The site's clean design matches the client's high-end, innovative brand while creating a streamlined, straightforward customer experience.

what the future holds:

While the launch of their new site was a huge victory for AnteAGE, our journey "from stone age to space age" is only beginning. Over the coming months, we will be working closely with the brand to centralize data and reporting, deploy a new CRM and marketing automation platform, and grow the brand's social channels. This is truly a first step of the many to come as we work with the client to help exceed their business goals, streamline their operations, and expand their brand.

Thank you to the entire AnteAGE team for the hard work and dedication, and we can't wait to see what the future holds!

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