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Chomp Brand

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Chomp Brand is the brain child of amazing illustrator and designer, Joshua Ariza. Chomp is a twist on the classic surf/skate brands you grew up with, adored by a super loyal fan base for its unique art & design and tongue in cheek humor.

challenges & approach:

Despite the brand's loyal following, this campaign was the first time Chomp had run any sort of paid advertising– which meant we'd need to do a significant amount of testing to hone our audience, messaging, creatives, etc., while also demonstrating our ability to acquire new customers through this channel. Additionally, since the brand's average product is priced below $30, we knew it would be crucial to acquire customers who would purchase more than one product in order to increase the client's return on investment.

To make this happen, we took a methodical approach to targeting, focussing on narrow geographies and customer segments, to refine our messaging, creative, and performance. We focussed 80% of our budget toward prospecting, in effort to create a very clear spike in revenue over the course of the campaign.


Increase in ROAS Each Month

Tangible Revenue Lift Each Month


  • Month 1 ROAS: 2.51x
  • Month 2 ROAS: 2.77x
  • Month 3 ROAS: 5.17x

Months 2 and 3 were both record setting months for the brand’s total direct e-commerce revenue. Additionally, 60% of the revenue was driven via click attribution, making for a clear, quantifiable success.

what the future holds:

As a result of the sales spike we saw over the course of this campaign, inventory had been nearly wiped out. We decided to pause spend until inventory has been replenished and we have product to offer our customers. Can't wait to what we can do next!

thanks so much to chomp brand for giving us the opportunity to try something new and help push your brand forward!

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