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Hiro Clark

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Hiro Clark is a men’s fashion line that focusses on offering a simple yet robust collection of menswear staples, including blank tees, graphic tees, and sweats. This boutique brand offers a high end appeal with high end products and a pricepoint to match. Hiro Clark was looking to engage a new marketing vendor to manage their social advertising campaigns who could drive strong return on ad spend without damaging their high-end brand appeal.

challenges & approach:

Since the primary goal of the campaign is to drive a tangible revenue lift, we knew that retargeting alone would not cut it. As a result, we decided to allocate at least 70% of the available budget to reaching new customers, while splitting the remaining 30% between low-funnel retargeting campaigns and customer re-engagement.

Additionally, given the brand’s high-end appeal, we instantly recognized how important it would be to stay away from overly promotional campaigns, and to build and deploy a layered audience approach, so we were targeting customers who would be most likely to buy in the first place. From here, we planned to structure the campaign in a way that would take the holistic user journey into account and intelligently bring users through the funnel based on how they chose to interact onsite.

Finally, we recognized that total impressions and click volume were far less valuable then sharing the message with the most highly qualified users. As a result, we elected only to run ads in more premium placements. While we knew that this approach, paired with our layered audiences would drive higher CPM’s then usual, we expected that our results would be far more impactful to the client’s bottom line.


Tangible Revenue Lift Each Month

Increase in ROAS Each Month


  • Month 1 ROAS: 2.96x
  • Month 2 ROAS: 2.73x
  • Month 3 ROAS: 5.87x
  • Month 4 ROAS: 6.92x

Months 3 and 4 were both record setting months for the brand’s total direct e-commerce revenue, and there were no budget increases until month 4. Additionally, months 3 and 4 saw a transition from mostly view-through conversions to primarily click-through (approximately 60%), which helps to further refine targeting strategies and campaign optimizations.

what the future holds:

Given the steady performance increases we’ve seen over these first four months, Hiro Clark has set new revenue targets to take them into Q4 and beyond which will allow them to grow their business to new levels and delight more customers in the process.

Thanks for trusting us with your brand and campaign Hiro Clark, we look forward to the continued growth to come!

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